John H. Wygal & Company, LLC is an insurance and financial services firm.  We offer a broad range of  insurance and financial services to businesses and individuals.  We  provide quality, dependable insurance at the most affordable rates.  We can manage your money using custom strategies.  

Independent Insurance Firm

We know that the process of sorting through insurance options can be confusing.  That's where John H. Wygal & Company comes in.  We're trained, licensed professionals, and we can draw on years of experience working with clients.  Since we are independent, we find the product that best fits your needs.  If you're concerned that you are paying too much for insurance, we can help.  We offer full commercial insurance services for all types of businesses, employee group benefits, and life, health, and disability.  In addition, we can also cover your auto, home, and valuables, as well as offer renters and travel insurance.

Financial Services and Wealth Management Strategies

John H. Wygal and Company is dedicated to helping our clients build wealth and protect their hard-earned assets.  In these uncertain times, are you worried that you won't have enough money to retire?  We offer customized strategies to manage your money.  We recommend only those products and services that we can tailor  to suit our clients' unique needs and risk tolerance, with access to the top money managers in America to do it.  Whether your goals involve building wealth through investing, funding a child's college education, or planning for a comfortable retirement,  we can help you make wise decisions to help improve your financial situation.   

We have a client-focused philosophy that says the client always comes first.  We pride ourselves on the individual attention we give our clients. 

For more information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us today at  (203)831-8555.